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Volume One of the international art magazine featuring interviews, paintings, sculptures, menus, music history, fiction, collages, photography, illustration, jewellery art and reviews...courtesy: Deanne Achong, Hedy Bach, Laura Barbato, Chris Bronsk, Elena Caravela, Barry Comer, David Cook, Richard Guest, Joanne Haywood, Toby Holmes, Linda Hubbard, Nicola Light, Wilma Millette, Dan Parnell, Eleni Poulou, David Powell, Edward Redwood, Carole Stuartson, and Dan Thompson.

232 pages (HTML5 plus options to download in offline formats) - the download is a zip file, so you will need an app to unzip it (such as Breezip, RAR or Winzip).

* Please note: if you buy a copy of Glamberton, you will receive two emails (an order confirmation, and another one saying Your Order Is Ready, which includes the link to the file) - if you cannot see the second email, please look in your spam folder.*